Upcoming book from Cris Cohen

Talking Points

“Cris is a delightfully funny and charismatic guy who’s talents go way beyond his literary accomplishments.” — KC, Organizer of the Raleigh Women’s Coffee & Book Club

“Cris asked to speak at a meetup group that I organize for young professionals. Unsure of what to expect, our group was impressed by his gift of comedic storytelling and his openness to answering questions about his own career path.” – Carlee Mallard, Founder, Triangle Community of Developing Careerists

Upcoming appearances:

Cris is available to speak at your conference, business, group meeting, book club, class, cult ceremony featuring a sacrifice, etc.

Speaking topics include:

  • Playing with words: Things I have gained through writing and the story of how this book came together
  • Just try. Just ask. You’ll be amazed at what might happen. My entrepreneurial adventure.
  • Staying crazy at work: The business advantages of laughing at insane situations
  • How I learned through the Miracle League that baseball can be fun and is not just the forced labor camp experience that I remember from childhood
  • Having a child with special needs, the ups and downs
  • Depression and anxiety: Getting through it via counseling, medication, and making fun of life

For more information or to schedule Cris, please contact:

Kim Weiss

Blue Plate PR




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