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Thank you Kiwanis of Tobaccoland

I want to thank the Kiwanis Club of Tobaccoland (Durham, NC) for having me as their guest speaker last week. It was a fun time.


Thank you to the DADS group

Thank you to the Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome group for having me as their guest speaker last Friday. It was great connecting with other parents of special needs kids. It was also nice to find out that I am not the only person who noticed that a year of cable TV service now costs about as much as a sport utility vehicle.

Thank you to Apex Kiwanis

I want to thank the Kiwanis Club of Apex for having me as their guest speaker yesterday. It was a fun time and it was great to learn the various ways that I could eat disturbing quantities of food at Disney World.

Facebook Recommendation

Based on the connections that Facebook recommends, they might as well change the title of that section to “People you have nothing in common with”.


One of my favorite candies is Starburst, fruit-flavored squares that are initially hard enough to dent a car door. Once they are in your mouth they start to soften up. Until then, if fired with enough force, they could stun a full grown moose.

Thank you to the Morrisville Rotary Club

I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Morrisville for having me as their guest speaker today. The people were nice, the setting was beautiful, and they had a buffet the size of an Amtrak passenger car. By the time you made it from the salad section to the dessert table you had crossed into a different county.

Movie Trailers

I have this fear that one day the trailers will come on before a movie I rented and the disclaimer at the beginning will say “This preview is not appropriate for anyone.”
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