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This month’s column for the Cary Citizen is now live.


Cary Entrepreneur To Present “Just Try. Just Ask” To Three Groups in August

Cris Cohen continues to take his “entrepreneurial adventure” around the region.

July 28, 2011 (Cary, NC) — Cris Cohen of Cary, NC, a humor columnist, blogger, and budding entrepreneur, will present his popular talk “Just Try. Just Ask. You’ll be amazed at what might happen: My entrepreneurial adventure” in August to Triangle Creative Professionals, the Southwest Durham Rotary, and the Apex Rotary.

“Just Try. Just Ask” chronicles Cohen’s humorous yet successful efforts at setting up a small press – Tyrannosaurus Max Press – through which he is publishing his upcoming humor book “Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane.” The book is a collection of humor columns Cohen wrote for several newspapers when he lived in his native California and new ones he’s written since he and his family moved to Cary in 2008. Cohen intends to donate the majority of the proceeds from sales of the book to a local baseball league for children with special needs.

Since April, Cohen has presented “Just Try. Just Ask” to a dozen business groups, book clubs, and other organizations around the Triangle.

“Unsure of what to expect, our group was impressed by his gift of comedic storytelling and his openness to answering questions about his own career path,” said Carlee Mallard, founder of the Triangle Community of Developing Careerist.

“Cris is a delightfully funny and charismatic guy whose talents go way beyond his literary accomplishments,” observed a member of the Raleigh Women’s Coffee & Book Club.

Cohen will address the Triangle Creative Professions (www.meetup.com/Triangle-Creative-Professionals) on August 4 at 6 p.m., the Southwest Durham Rotary (http://swdurhamrotary.org/) on August 11 at 12:30 p.m., and the Apex Rotary club (www.apexrotary.org) on August 18 (time to be announced).

For more information on Cris Cohen and his book, and to see his evolving schedule of speaking engagements, visit www.stayingcrazy.com.


CaryCitizen.com Welcomes Humor Writer Cris Cohen

May 3, 2011 (Cary, NC) – The online newspaper CaryCitizen.com has added another dimension to its offerings: a new humor column by Cary resident Cris Cohen. His first column, entitled “A Visit to the Chiropractor,” is online now at www.carycitizen.com

For several years, Cohen wrote a weekly column that ran in several California newspapers. Since he and his family moved to Cary in 2008, he’s been writing a humor blog “Nothing In Particular” at criscohen.typepad.com. He’s also preparing to publish his first book, Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane, a collection of his columns that he will use to raise funds for a local baseball league for kids with special needs.

This spring, Cohen ran a contest on the blog to celebrate the fact that he received an endorsement for the book from one of his humor-writing heroes, Pulitzer Prize-winner Dave Barry. He invited his readers to submit a guest post for “Nothing In Particular.” The writer with the funniest post would receive a copy of Barry’s newest book I’ll Mature When I’m Dead.

As it turned out, CaryCitizen editor-at-large Leslie Huffman came through with the winning post, “My Invisible Car,” which appeared on “Nothing In Particular” on April 15. And that brought Cohen’s work to the attention of CaryCitizen editor and publisher Hal Goodtree, who invited Cohen to start writing for the online newspaper.

“Cris Cohen reminds me of David Sedaris, another writer and essayist with roots in the Triangle,” said Goodtree. “Like Sedaris, Cris satirizes himself as much as turning the foil to poke fun at others. It’s personal, and it’s rooted in a place: Cary, NC. He makes a good fit with our readership and brings a new dimension to CaryCitizen. Special thanks to Leslie Huffman for bringing Cris into the fold.

CaryCitizen.com covers news, sports, community events, and business in Cary, NC, and surrounding communities. Cohen said he’s delighted to be a part of the publication.

“I am very excited to be a contributor to the CaryCitizen, a publication whose history reaches all the way back to last Tuesday,” Cohen quipped. “It is possible that their offer of employment was meant for someone else. It would explain why their letter began ‘Dear Helen’. Still, I hope that, like all successful relationships, this one is filled with joy, tenderness, and only occasional threats of litigation.” 

Cohen will contribute his humor column to CaryCitizen at least once a month. To read the current column, go to www.carycitizen.com/ For more information on Cris Cohen and to read his blog, visit http://criscohen.typepad.com.

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