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Thank you to the DADS group

Thank you to the Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome group for having me as their guest speaker last Friday. It was great connecting with other parents of special needs kids. It was also nice to find out that I am not the only person who noticed that a year of cable TV service now costs about as much as a sport utility vehicle.


Signed Copies

If you would like a signed copy, I recommend getting someone really famous to do it. Then it might be worth something some day. However, if you cannot find someone famous, I am happy to sign them. If you live in the Raleigh area, I’m sure we will run into each other at some point

If you do not live in the Raleigh area or you live here but really don’t want to see me, please make out a check to “Tyrannosaurus Max Press” for $14 ($12 book + $2 shipping costs). Mail it to:

211 Parkmeadow Drive

Cary, NC   27519

Interview on WRAL TV

I would like to thank WRAL TV for having me as a guest on their noon newscast and for not putting something like “Cris Cohen – Doofus” on the screen.

New Book Keeps Readers Laughing and Raises Funds For A Good Cause

PRESS RELEASE – September 6, 2011 (Cary, NC) —  Humor author Cris Cohen takes on everything from credit card offers and his wife’s ultrasound to energy bar addiction, exercise videos, and Southern humidity in his new book “Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane,” which is now available online and at select retail locations.

“Other people have great stories about big things that have happened to them,” Cohen, 40, says, “but for me, it’s like the label on a sweetener packet that just really catches my attention.”

The book is a collection of humor columns Cohen wrote for several newspapers when he lived in California as well as new ones he’s written since he moved to Cary, NC, in 2008.

In the section entitled “Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – Or Not,” for example, he offers:

“Credit card companies regularly offer people cards to use in the hopes that, when it comes to financial issues, you’ll have the brains of a salad bar. After all, if you are good with your money and make all of your credit card payments on time, they only make a small profit. However, if you are bad with your money and miss some payments, they can legally sell your family.” (The full column can be read at www.stayingcrazy.com by clicking on “excerpt.”)

But there’s more to this book, which PEN/Faulkner prize-winning author T.C. Boyle calls “very funny stuff,” than a good belly laugh. Cohen will donate the bulk of the proceeds from sales to The Miracle League of the Triangle, a baseball league for kids with special needs, including his own son, Max. That fact prompted Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist Dave Barry to call it “A fine book for a fine cause.”

“Max’s various physical and mental challenges prohibit him from participating in a lot of fun, regular kid stuff,” Cohen said. “The League is one of the few places where all of those barriers and limitations are magically wiped away. It’s a place where Max gets to have some independence, to leave Mom and Dad in the stands and head out to the field. And we have made a lot of great friends, people who understand the challenges of being the parents of a special needs child and can offer advice, support, etc. After receiving all of that, my wife Michele and I wanted to give something back.”

And he adds:  “I have always dreamed of publishing a book, or at least finding a way to make my computer a tax deduction.

Cohen is selling “Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane” at Miracle League baseball games in Cary, through CreateSpace (https://www.createspace.com/3638597) and on Amazon. It is also currently available in Chambers Arts, 200 South Academy Street, Cary, NC, and DownTown Knits at 122 North Salem Street in Apex.  An ebook version will be available soon and will be announced on the book’s website www.stayingcrazy.com.

“If you would like a signed copy, I recommend getting someone really famous to do it. Then it might be worth something some day,” Cohen said. “However, if you cannot find someone famous, I am happy to sign them.” Signed copies may be ordered for $14 from: Tyrannosaurus Max Press, 211 Parkmeadow Drive, Cary, NC 27519.

For more information on “Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane” and author Cris Cohen, go to www.stayingcrazy.com.

For more information on the Miracle League of the Triangle, visit www.miracleleagueofthetriangle.com.

Book Facts:

Title: Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane. Author: Cris Cohen. Publisher: Tyrannosaurus Max Press LLC. Genre: Humor, Nonfiction. Editor: Michelle Cohen. Cover illustrator: Darla Yancho. Interior illustrators: Daryl Stephenson, Michelle Zerzanek, Marilyn Berg Cooper. Pages: 178. Price: $14. Website: www.stayingcrazy.com.


The Book Has Arrived

I am happy to say that the book “Staying Crazy To Keep from Going Insane” is now available. You can buy the print version here.

An ebook version will be available in the next few days.

Book Release Tomorrow

The book is officially being released tomorrow. I am proud to say that it has already received rave reviews from my wife and at least one of our cats.

Thank you to Say What News

I would like to thank Say What News for posting a story about my upcoming book. What is even more amazing is that they filed it under their “Literary” section. I am used to the term “literary” being reserved for people like Dickens and Hemingway. It is not usually applied to people like me, who, instead of plumbing the depths of the human condition, tend to write about things like salad toppings.

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